Revolutionary Oral Capsule Device for Precision Delivery of Biologics

  • Needle-free fluid transport to gut wall
  • 10 - 30 mg per dose
  • Systemic delivery comparable to SC
  • Targeted region-specific GI delivery
  • Standard pharmaceutical components
  • Enteric coated - GRAS excipients
  • Low cost of goods
  • Liquid-fill manufacturing
Capsule Assy

*Device size is comparable to 000 Capsule Size


ACTUATION: At a defined pH in the GI tract, enteric coated tablet and nozzle plugs dissolve, preparing the device for delivery of drug.

DEPLOYMENT: Dissolution of the tablet releases the spring, which pushes the plunger, delivering drug from the liquid-filled reservoir to the gut wall.

ELIMINATION: The fluid stream is delivered
at the defined depths to the gut wall. The expended capsule passes harmlessly in unopened state.

JetCAP(just diagram)


Bioavailability comparable to SC for all technologies

Dose Range Delivery Method Formulation
Baywind Bio: JetCap™ 10-30 mgs Needle free liquid transport to gut wall Solution or suspension
MIT: SOMA 1-5 mgs Microneedle spike injection Compressed microneedle
Rani: RaniPill™ 1-3 mgs Microneedle patch injection Sugar based microneedle


High drug delivery capacity

Common pharmaceutical components

Liquid-filled reservoir

  • 10 to 30 mg per day delivery
  • Potential for les frequent administration
  • Ultra-long acting oral product
  • Injection molded parts
  • Plunger and nozzle
  • Tablet actuation mechanism
  • Solution or suspension formulation
  • Rapidly adaptable from injectable product
  • Long-acting particulate suspensions
JetCAP™ RaniPill™ MIT SOMA
High Dose 10-30 mgs
Extended-release Formulation
Standard Pharma Components
Liquid Fill Manufacture
Targeted GI Delivery
High Bioavailability
Oral Delivery of Biologics

JetCAP™ Patents Pending

  • “Capsule device for oral delivery of biologics” US appl 62/722,083 filed 08/23/2018
  • “Capsule device for delivery of active agent to gastro-intestinal tract” PCT/US19/48034 filed 08/23/2019, claims priority to the US filing date of 08/23/2018